Twin Palms Golf's first PGA Tour Open

Twin Palms Golf's first PGA Tour Open

No Wonder Thousands Gather Around To Watch Golf

It was at the beginning of the month, on the 5th of March 2023, that Twin Palms Golf experienced a PGA Open tournament as a team. We went as spectators this year, and it was probably one of the coolest experiences I have ever had. Just like all of you guys, I love the sport of golf. I admit I don’t have as much time to play it, so spending a solid full day at a golf course, and watching some of the best golf I have seen in person, really meant a lot.

I'll begin with the public attractions. The Puerto Rico Tourism Company went all out this year bringing lounging areas, elevated lounges available for different ticket holders, putting games, two trackman centers (one full size, another smaller version), a virtual reality range experience, digital graffiti canvas, and many other fun and interactive attractions. It was a big step up from last year's experience. Another big attraction for the public, besides the tournament golf going on all day, was a zip line that went across the main paddock from end to end! That, I was not expecting at all, much less at a PGA Tour Open Tournament.

Not Everything is Pars, Birdies, and Eagles

All of these attractions were great, the food was delicious, and the drinks were cold, I couldn’t ask for anything else! Except, I could. One of the takeaways from this event: more shade, please. I understand that golf is an outdoor sport and is played under the sun, but the social attraction areas barely had any shade. Standing and walking around a golf course all day under the sun is harsh enough; spectators should have more shaded areas near the main bar and food trucks to “chill, cool down, and take a breather” from the warm tropical Puerto Rican sun.

Regardless, watching the pro golfers made me forget all my complaints. As I mentioned previously, I had never seen tournament-level golf in person. The purest shots, the perfect tempo, the amazing speed, and the precise ball striking that most if not all players possess, blew my mind. I seriously believe that if you have yet to go to one of these great events, it is a must! I seriously cannot wait to get to the range and put into practice all the things I picked up from just observing these PGA Pros. Maybe next time ill hit my 6 iron further than 160 yards!

All in All, a Great Experience

This year’s winner is Nico Echevarria, a Colombian golfer. The champion finished his Sunday round with a -21 total course record, previously broken in 2014. Which is an impressive accomplishment! In conclusion, this year’s Puerto Rico Open was phenomenal, a truly exciting and entertaining experience/event. You best believe that Twin Palms Golf will show up at the next PR Open, come April/March 2024. I want to thank all of you who came and said hi to us, we hope you enjoy your official Twin Palms Golf stickers!

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