The Masters: Is This What You Expected From the World's Best?

The Masters: Is This What You Expected From the World's Best?

Father Time

April 6, 2023, marked the start of the 87th annual Master's Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club. A flock of the most talented players from around the world attended this prestigious tournament and played 4 rounds of the most difficult golf, all with one goal: to make the cut and have a chance at the coveted Pantone 342 colored jacket. This year, the weather conditions at Augusta National challenged all players. The rolling hills, uneven lies, strategically located sand traps, and narrow fairways all made it that much harder for the pros that weekend; let's not forget the torrential rain showers that fell during the Saturday rounds.

Part of this weekend's impressive gameplay was the GOAT himself, Tiger Woods. Mr. Woods played an impressive 2 rounds of golf, from Thursday to Friday, making the cut to play on Saturday’s round. Throughout his career, Mr. Woods has become a staple of golf, standing next to players such as Jack Nicklaus, & Garry Player. His fine touch with every club in his bag makes him a deadly foe to be reckoned with. However, during this Masters Tournament, Mr. Wood’s age and injuries have shown to take a noticeable toll on his body; forcing him to withdraw from Sunday's final round. 

A New Chapter

When watching the pre-tournament press conferences, Mr. Woods made it clear that, even though his goal was to play to win, he was well aware of the unforgettable reality. Mr. Woods is no longer at his peak. His extensive injuries and inability to prepare for these kinds of events have brought him to a stage in his life where being atop the leaderboards is just not possible. Mr. Woods is in a transitional stage, and we think he knows it too.

Mr. Woods seems to be at a stage where taking care of his family is the main priority; taking Charlie Woods golfing, and passing down all the expertise, just as his father did with him. For this reason, we understand that his participation in this Master’s Tournament means something more than just him trying to win. It means a close to a Tiger Woods era of golf, making way for the new generation of golfers to compete and learn from the GOAT himself. Although he might continue to play at other events, his participation will very likely become an honorary spectacle, to say the least.

And the Winner Is…!

Throughout the weekend, one of the most surprising athletes was on top of the leaderboard: Brooks Koepka. Mr. Koepka played some of the best golf he has played on tour, this weekend, so much so that he was (-12) at the peak of his cumulative rounds. His noticeable game at LIV Golf translated to this weekend's grueling tournament conditions and challenges, making him one of the more successful players.

During the Sunday rounds, however, two big names surpassed Mr. Koepka: Phil Mickelson & Jon Rahm.  Mr. Mickelson impressed everyone with his skill, finishing his round on a high note as the oldest pro at the tournament to tie for 2nd place, as well as finishing in the top 3. Mr. Mickelson ended his Sunday round with a total of 65 (-8), right next to Mr. Koepka.

The winner of the 2023 Master’s Tournament was no surprise. The man himself, Jon Rahm took home the 1st place trophy, prize money and the Legendary Green Jacket, to become the champion. Mr. Rahm totaled a 69 (-12) on his last round at Augusta. His impressive ball control and powerful ball striking served Mr. Rahm extremely well throughout the weekend, setting him up for victory. And as mentioned, it is no surprise, with his numerous wins this year on tour; becoming a fan favorite in no time.

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